Venres 13 de Xullo no Urban English Camp

9 Xullo, 2018|Actividades de Verán, Noticias|

Ola familias Our last day was totally cool. We started the day listening to music "What does the fox say?" and "I'm a gummy bear". Then we finished our "Wild's portrait". We had breakfast and after it, we prepared butter cookies mixing flour, eggs, sugar and butter. We cut them and they were shaped using [...]

Venres 6 de Xullo 2ª semana Urban English Camp

6 Xullo, 2018|Actividades de Verán, Noticias|

It´s Friday. Today finished painting our shoeboxes. Pegamos un aeroplane, un asteroid and stars and we also spread some glitter. We put the fox and the little prince. We painted an then we had breakfast, after we played outside usind the parachute. Xogamos ao game the cat and the mouse and sharks and lifeguards e [...]

Venres 29 de xuño 1ª semana dos Urban English Camp

25 Xuño, 2018|Actividades de Verán, Noticias|

Today we prepared masa para pancakes to cook them in the fiesta. We finish our Tin man and play games outside and we finish the scarecrow costumes. In the afternoon we played a lot in the inchable, we painted our faces, we cooked the pancakes and we made bracelets. We listened to the music and [...]

Party Day in the Urban English Camp!!!

26 Xuño, 2017|Actividades de Verán, Noticias|

Hoxe foi un día de moitas emocións no Urban!!!! Emocións intensas preparando a festa de despedida da semana: os nosos "costumes",  cookies con formas mitolóxicas...pero tamén sensacións diversas polas despedidas ou ganas de volver a semana que vén a pasalo igual ou mellor se cabe. Contámosvos o que fixemos: Pola mañá démoslle os últimos retoques [...]